Sunday, March 09, 2008

Round 2

I got tagged! Lovely Leena, who I would force to be my bestest friend ever if she lived on the same continent, tagged me for a meme. I sort of kind of have already done a meme like this, so consider this Round 2. Way waay more information than you needed to know about me.

Here are the rules:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. Share 5 facts about yourself.
3. Tag 5 people at the end of your post and list their names, linking to them.
4. Let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs.

1. I love pickles in every form and shape. I have no fewer than three different jars of pickles in my fridge at any one time. I am still looking for my dream pickle brand. If you have any suggestions/preferences, please let me know. My parents tell me that when I was little I loved sweetened tea and pickles. Together. Don’t know how a five year old could have the food cravings of a preggers lady, but there you go.

2. I have only been in one physical fight in my life. And by that I mean that I got picked on hard core when I was in seventh grade. Picture a girls locker room. Scratch that. That’s wrong. Don’t picture a girls locker room. Picture me, with a soon to fade Russian accent, perm, glasses, and braces – oh yea – in a head lock by a girl who is not only smaller than me, but also has uglier hair (I didn’t even think it possible). It sucked. Courtney Wergely (don’t remember how to spell her name) - I hope your hair is still ugly. Mine rocks. It’s occasionally hot pink. So ha! I win.

3. I have a super duper fancy pants camera and absolutely no idea how to use it. I am all about excess.

4. I am now, and will forever remain, a brand label whore. I am unrepentant, I have no intention of weaning myself off, I don’t care if people think it’s bratty. You get what you paid for and I firmly believe this. If I have the choice between CVS brand toilet paper or no toilet paper at all, I will not buy toilet… Err, ok, I will buy CVS brand, but only if I really really have to.

5. I don’t watch TV, hardly ever. I used to be able to hold up normal conversations about pop culture – even if I had never seen the show, I would have usually heard of it and knew what it was about. No longer. I don’t even know what people are talking about most of the time! I have never seen Arrested Development (yea, I know, shut up), I am not entirely sure what Lost is about, I recently heard about the Wire. It’s terrible. I don’t know when I turned into one of those people that is completely isolated and out of the way of popular culture. Kids these days…

Ok, I am pretty sure that is way more than anyone wanted or needed to know about me. I am done now, and have to go to bed. Another fun filled day of vomit-inducing dissertation writing is ahead of me. Lord almighty, I want to be done already!

Now that I am done, I can pass the torturous torch on to other people so they can reveal their deepest and darkest to the world wide internets.

Scott, One Food Guy, soon to be fresh from India, full of great food no doubt.
Allen (Green Armadillo)
Naveen (you have a blog outside of JoVE, right?)
Michelle, who knows the pain of dissertation writing all too well.


amanda said...

i so feel you on a few of your things . i beyond love pickles, and vinegary things in general. during college my step mom once sent me home with a jar of pickled green beans that tyler and i ate in about 5 minutes.

i also couldn't keep up with a conversation about most things pop culture. i haven't seen any of the shows you mentioned - although terry gross has interviewed several people involved with the wire on fresh air so i know a little about that. great to learn 5 more things about ya!

JC said...

You're not missing much on the tube. But if you ever do feel the need to watch something, The Wire is a fine place to start.

The blogosphere demands perm pics!

Naveen said...

Thanks for tagging me, Anna! I do have a blog called 33 epiphanies, but I need help to keep the meme alive.

Anna said...

Amanda -- oooh! I have never had pickled green beans. I must find them. Are there any available in stores, or are they exclusive to your family's kitchen? That would suck for me.

JC - Perm picks... The blogosphere may not be ready for my perm picks. Think on that for a minute :)

Naveen - Cool! Thank you for doing the meme :) Happy to get to know you a little better. What help do you need with the meme? It kind of does its own thing, once initiated.

leena! said...

Anna~I know you did this before, but lets be honest, the world doesn't know enough about the enigma that is Anna.

Pickled asparagus rocks.

Ignore what everyone else is telling you---television is amazing. He makes me laugh, he makes me cry and sometimes, he braids my hair and lets me swap secrets with him. Without him, my dissertation would already be written.

By the by, I WILL be moving back on the same continent as you in May...does the bestest friend offer still stand?

Malen said...

There is a brunch place in DC that used to serve their bloody marys with pickled green beans as a garnish. mmmmm delicious!! Then they changer bar tenders. Sad.
I've also never seen it, but learned quickly not to get Bmore city dwellers started on the Wire. Their fascination with the show is ennndddlllleeesssssssss.

Anna said...

Leena - Pleeeeaase be my friend? That would be the awesomest ever. I'll make it worth your while. Can I pay you in bacon? :)

Malen - Hi! Thank you for commenting :) It's interesting that Bal'more people like the show. It could go one of two ways, right? They either hate it because it's not true to their (not at all) awesome city or love it because someone is paying attention. Glad to hear it's the latter. Is there any truth to the show at all? Mind you, I have never actually seen it.

One Food Guy said...

I am indeed just back from India, and have a backlog of great things to write about. I'll get this soon, I promise!

Hillary said...

Pickles. Gross. Would you eat a frozen pickle lollipop? I love memes!