Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My New Toy: A Photoessay

Grown-ups get to have toys too. They may or may not be of the stuffed animal variety, but they always reflect the spirit of their owner. They are never what you need, only what you want. Grown-up toys can range from huge (car or motorbike) to small (iPhone - I reeeaaally want one). They are frivolous and fun and make life more interesting. You don't need a very good reason for wanting them - that's the good part about being a grown up.

Since I am pretending to be a grown-up, I figured it's alright to buy a completely excessive and partially superfluous toy. I am going to try to take the blog and the restaurant reviews up a notch. My point-and-shoot camera was really not cutting it for me. I have had to physically restrain myself from throwing it against a wall on numerous occasions. Its limitations would take a year to list. I couldn't take it any more. I thought about it for months on end, yearned for it for longer still, took a deep breath, spent a week online, and bought a Nikon D70s, the pet of food bloggers the world over.

I love and despise my new camera all at the same time. I love how fast it is, both in powering up and in getting ready for the next shot - it's practically instantaneous. It is, however, willful and a lot smarter than I am. Every once in a while it refuses to do its job, to take pictures when asked to - this is likely due to the fact that I need a second PhD before I figure out even a tenth of the settings.

The following are a few shots that I have generated with my new toy and time sink. They are still rough, but I will get there, eventually.


Fresh strawberries, picked by yours truly at a farm in Northern Mass. These berries in no way resembled the styrofoam pellets on sale at local supermarkets. They were small, sweet juice bombs - one would have to have superhero levels of self control not to eat them all in one go.

Chocolate chip cookies, in progress

Pasta with green beans and hot Italian chicken sausage, recipe to follow


Chicken wire

Next up on the toy roster: a faster lens. This will allow me to take pictures in low light (restaurants) and should greatly help in lowering my blood pressure (not to mention frustration level).


JC said...

Yay! I can't wait to see the great food photos you will create!

amanda said...

all of those photos are simply gorgeous! you are definitely going to be elevated to a whole new level of awesomeness. it's amazing what a good camera can do for a foodblog. i can't wait to see the magic!

Anonymous said...

the pictures you've already taken are awesome... looking forward to being part of the picture taking adventures!

Anna said...

JC - I have SUCH a long way to go with this camera! It is turning out to be a complete pain. I have to take a class before I can improve on my pictures.

Amanda - Thank you! If I can get my pictures/food to look half as good as yours, I will be a happy happy camper/blogger.

Lissa - No doubt. You will be there :)

Ben Chen said...

Wow nice! Sorry I haven't been visiting as of late. Sort of hard when you don't have a computer :-) Awesome pics!

JC said...

Digital cameras make it much easier to learn about exposure and depth of field since you can see the results immediately.

Anna said...

Ben! What do you mean, you don't have a computer? I would have a nervous breakdown! What happened?