Monday, July 02, 2007

Hasn't Gotten Old Yet

Not for me, anyway. New set of restaurant reviews are up on Nature Network Boston. I am really happy with this set, although I have to say I wish they would let me leave a couple of jokes in. Sheesh. You would think dining out is a very serious matter. It's not. It's fun.


JC said...

Nice reviews. Keep pushing on the jokes, maybe they'll give in eventually!

OK, I checked out your blog over on the Nature network dealamabob. Love the pink hair. In my experience it kind of depends on where you want to work as to how much they'll care. Might not hurt to ditch it for the interview period, then bring it back after you get the job. My prior career was in engineering - they're way too hung up on shit like appearance. Everyone hated my long hair. Another reason I hated that job!

I'll have to catch up over the next few days, must sleep now.

Anna said...

Aww thanks! I like my pink hair too. Seems to have faded a bit though. I don't understand why places that have no customer interaction get so hung up on personal appearance. I can understand it being important for an attorney or a CPA or something... but an engineer? A writer? Ridiculousness. Hope you've recovered from your school marathon. You are just that much closer to being done for good. Yay!! Celebrate.