Monday, September 10, 2007

Review Time

It is that time of the month again. My reviews of restaurants around Kenmore Sq/Fenway Park are up for Nature Network Boston.

I have a really bad feeling that I am about to eat myself out of a job. These reviews are supposed to cover restaurants around major research sites in Boston. Not surprisingly, research sites are far more limited than the restaurants ... In other words, I am almost out of research areas. If anyone wants to come over here and start a new institute/research facility so that I can eat all around it, please do! I don't know what I am going to do with all my free time if I don't have these reviews to write!

Note the Audubon review. I went public with my love for Audubon. Sigh. Now everyone knows.


aimee said...

It's all just clicked into place and now I'm kicking myself a little. I so wanted to go to Audubon after hearing about it. I just realised now, that that's exactly where you were taking us when we changed our minds and swung back to yours. Damn.

Not that I didn't enjoy the sweedish delicacies (gag) and fantastic bathroom on offer at your place of course. But damn. I guess we'll go when I'm back there setting up my research facility.

Anna said...

Leave my blue square toilet out of this! Have you no decency?
You're the one that went back for seconds on the "delicacies," by the way. I take no responsibility for the ensuing gagging :)

Yes, let's get a move-on the research facility! And then we'll go to Audubon.

JC said...

Yeah, your secret is out, now I'll be at Audubon all the time. Oh wait, no I won't. But I would if I lived closer!

Surely your wonderful reviews will get them to let you venture further afield?

I've seen one square toilet in my lifetime.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna,

Its a short time that I'm following your food blog, and am rather behind! I was wondering whether you have any recommendations (or maybe a previous post that I'm not aware of) on places to eat at Longwood?

thnx a lot

Cheetos lover!

Anna said...

Hello there, Cheetos lover. Longwood was actually the first area I reviewed for NNB. The reviews are here. There is also one from the shallow depths of the SND archives.
Thank you for reading :)

Anna said...

I forgot to mention - two of the places I reviewed are now closed. I really like the Penguin Pizza, and there is a snotty place that opened in the Solstice space - the food is good, but I would give them another couple of months to iron out the kinks. Hope this helps!