Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I am a bit (more like huge) of an airhead. I forgot that the whole point of a meme is propagation, so to speak. Here goes, with a slight delay.

What five foods are you ashamed to love?

Leena - Leena Eats
JC - Nobody Cares What You Ate for Breakfast
Hillary - Chew On That
Nitasha - Bloomers & Buns
Who says you have to have a blog to participate in a meme? I object to such blog-centricity. Therefore, Aimee, take it away.

Brutal honesty is best.


Hillary (of Chew on That) said...

Oooh!! Thanks for tagging me! This will be my first meme! I am so so excited! :)

Hillary said...

I posted my answers! Thanks again! :)

aimee said...

Anna! I'm so touched at the open invitation to infiltrate your blog, thank you :) I'd respond now, but I really need to take a moment to revcover from seeing my name in lights (bold, whatever.)

Hah, I also need a moment to stop snickering about the word verification: Kink. I may be some time...

aimee said...

Thanks again Anna for letting me join in with a takeover of your comments, I feel quite special! You may regret this....

Okay, so I’m not technically ashamed of eating any foods. I’d happily argue their worth should I need to, and have no qualms about eating them in front of others. But I understand that they may be perceived to be a bit weird/gross/sickening, so that’s what I’m working with…

I recently rediscovered my love for Lyles’s Golden Syrup after buying some for my porridge a week ago. The tin is now half full. Or half empty, depending on your level of pessimism. As a child I was caught on many occasions standing in my Dad’s walk-in larder, lights off (so as to avoid suspicion, obviously) tin in one hand, spoon in the other. I have no sweet tooth, so I can’t quite figure it out, but I’m so Lyle’s bitch.

I doubt anybody here will have a clue what they are, but trust me, Pickled Onion (other flavours are the work of the devil) Monster Munch are delicious. And by delicious I do mean wildly vinegary and slightly repulsive, yes. My mouth waters at the mere sight of the bright purple packaging with the orange monster emblazoned on the side. Sweet Jesus, I just shivered at the thought. Clearly, I’m not embarrassed by my love for these beasts, but the fact that people recoil slightly when you get too close after eating them suggests that maybe I should be. Goddamn it they’re totally worth never getting laid again!*

Freud would have had a field day with me and my love for all things phallic, but whatever, I have a slight addiction to Gregg's Sausage Rolls. Gregg's is a high street bakery chain, and their sausage rolls, I think, are to die for. Disgustingly greasy sausage wrapped in fatty puff pastry. They're hideously bad for you and so greasy that they actually leave a slight film in your mouth after eating them! I'm quite sure the sausage contains no actual meat whatsoever. I don't know why I love them so, but it honestly takes all my willpower not to buy one every time I walk past a Gregg's (about every 15 minutes.)

I thought I put my vinegar problem to rest when I stopped drinking the stuff at age 16 (or thereabouts. Sadly there was no coming of age party to help me recall), but apparently not. I'm bypassing Piccalilli, gherkins and rollmops for the sake of variety here, but I cannot deny my love for HP Sauce. I eat it with everything; cheese on toast, eggs, bacon, steak, tomatoes, baked potatoes, beans. I used to make my family squirm when I made my favourite breakfast of toast (has to be white) with a thick layer of Philadelphia, scrambled eggs and lashings of HP Sauce. The British sauce, I've noticed is slightly sweeter and a little more vinegary that Canadian and American ones. I'm in two minds about which I prefer.

My final choice has to be cake batter. As I dip my fingers into the mixing bowl and scoop batter into my mouth, I wonder, is it okay to eat raw flour and eggs? The answer is yes, for how can anything so delicious be wrong?! I like cakes, I really do. But if I’m completely honest, I’d much rather eat the raw mixture than the finished product.

*don’t hold me to this; I may be making flash statements in the heat of the moment.

Anna said...

Aimee - Ok, you win. Some of your gross foods are grosser than mine. Actually, they are not, but the descriptions take them over the edge. I have decided you need a blog of your own. You do. I love your writing.

What is Golden Syrup? I have never had it. Is it like pancake syrup (which my father calls brake fluid) or more like honey? Or is it a sugar-based food product?

Pickled onion anything sounds awesome, if not a little lethal when exhaled. I need to try some of this stuff!

aimee said...

Oh shush you! I absolutely do not need a blog of my own, i'm more than happy guest posting in your comments :) Plus, I'd require a team of staff to tell me what to write about. It would be completely hopeless and pathetic. But flattery will get you everywhere, thank you.

Golden syrup is sweet heaven in a tin, what more information could you possibly need? ...It's a thick, sickly sweet sugar syrup. It's sort of like honey in appearance and texture I guess, but certainly not taste.

The pickled onion is a little lethal on the inhale too, believe me. It totally takes your breath away. I love it. I love the shivers up your arms and the instant mouth watering!

Send me your address and I'll food parcel your ass (and maybe show up on your doorstep, it's the risk you take.)

JC said...

OK, I posted mine. I think I didn't really follow the instructions, but I did the best I could.

I've seen that Golden Syrup at Kroger in the British Foods section! They quit carrying Cadbury Crunchies, damnit! >:(

aimee said...

Try the golden syrup know you want to!

But first tell me, what the hell are those circus peanut things you speak of? Are they actual peanuts? I'm confused. And why oh why the hideous recipe? It's the first 'shameful' food I've actually been grossed out by, way to go!

JC said...

Aimee - I may have to try the golden syrup!

The circus peanuts are kind of like marshmallows, but they are a little bit less spongy than marshmallows. They are molded in the shape of peanuts, but much larger than actual peanuts. They are colored - usually orange, pink, white, and yellow. Usually when I mention them people either say they like them or are absolutely repulsed by them. I'm serious, I may join the repulsed crowd after finding out about the pork skin. I had no idea until I was reading the Wikipedia entry.

Hi Anna!

Anna said...

Don't mind me! Discuss amongst yourselves. (SNL never recovered after Mike Meyers left)

JC said...

Well, yesterday whilst I was at the grocery (I think they call it "The Loo" in Britain, right?) I noticed they did not have the Golden Syrup (but I know they have it at another store), but they did have the HP sauce. I didn't buy any yet, but as soon as I can figure out what to put it on I will!

aimee said...

You're kidding about the loo, right? The loo is the toilet. I really don't think you want to be eating anything from there. And damn you boy, I gave you a list of things to try HP with. Eggs are the winners for me though. Or the cheese on toast.

Sorry Anna, JC is discriminatory, so I can't comment on his blog. You should ban him or something.

JC said...

Yes, totally kidding about the loo!

You're right, you did list a lot of things to put it on! I think the reason I wrote that was because while I was at the store I couldn't remember what you listed, so I wanted to make sure it was stuff I wouldn't mind eating before I made the commitment. And actually your list sounds pretty good, so I will be getting the HP.

Nitasha said...

Ooh Anna - I saw this last week and promptly forgot - thanks so much for including me - I feel like a real-life grown-up blogger now! Will post shortly, love, N
P.S. thanks for WS tutorial post - that is a public service announcement!