Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Poor Impulse Control

Curses upon you Williams-Sonoma, curses. That store is a crack den for me. I assure you that at the time of purchase, I absolutely needed every single one of those items.

I now have a mandoline (as if I didn't cut my fingers enough as it is) and can make a wonderful salad that did not benefit from my less than masterful knife work when I made it last. I have an oven thermometer to keep my wayward oven in line. I have real pans like all the grown-ups do, along with all the bakeware, utensils, and mixing bowls my irrational heart desired. Now all I have to do is cook!

I am not allowed back in that store. Not for a whole month.

P.S. Now explain to me how this makes sense. S'pose you are a pan maker. You make frying pans. Pans that are, as stated, for frying food over a flame or other form of high heat. Why would you then use nothing short of super-glue to adhere a large sticker to the inside of the pan for frying, where the food goes? Why?? Explain it to me, because I do not understand. Not only do I not understand, but I also have an omelette pan with no omelettes in its immediate future because it has a big circle of super-glue smack dab in the center. I just don't get it.


Kalyn said...

I am laughing! There's a William Sonoma not far from where I live, but I try to never go there!

papin said...

Frying pans with metal handles are great. Frittata time.

Anonymous said...

Well, within the month if you want to return anything... which, at this point would be sacrilege as it has all fit into your kitchen by now, right? I'm wicked happy to be involved in two posts in a row... Too bad we didn't take pictures of the cannoli... guess we'll have to get more in the name of good blogging... :P

Anna said...

Hi Kalyn - W-S horrible for impulse shoppers such as myself. Horrible. I recommend going with a more moderate buddy. (I did have a buddy, but she moderated herself way better than she moderated me. Says more about me than her. Hi Lissa.)

Papin - Thank you for stopping by! Frittatas are one of the main reasons I needed new pans, ones with metal handles. What's your favorite frittata filling/flavoring? I am excited to start making the frittatas, as soon as the glue comes off.

Lissa - I did have regrets of not photographing the cannoli. I have been thinking about them... Breakfast of champions, cannoli :)

Hillary said...

Haha! I hear ya on the crack den comment. I get addicted to certain stores. Have you ever visited the food section of Cost Plus World Market - that is my 'crack den!'

JC said...

I love browsing at Williams-Sonoma. I'm still wondering if that cherry pitter that I saw last time works worth a damn. I almost bought the 10 pound bar of chocolate as a gag birthday gift, but it was too expensive for a gag gift.