Wednesday, May 02, 2007


The second round of restaurant reviews I wrote for Nature Network Boston is up! Although seeing my name in print has lost its new car smell, it still gives me a thrill.

Again, opinions, judgements, criticisms, and other points of view regarding the reviews are most welcome.

In other news, the restaurant critic for the Boston Globe is stepping down. I am very excited about this because I never liked her very much (and neither did the people on Chowhound) for the following reasons (I have given this much thought): 1) I don't think she liked food - she said that she works by eating only two bites off everyone's plates, including her own. She routinely sent full plates of food back. That's a travesty. 2) She constantly complained about her job (of all the crap jobs in the world she complains about hers??). Finally, 3) She gave only $$$$ restaurants more than two stars. I hope that the next reviewer hired by the Globe (pick me! pick me!) is a little less crotchety, a lot more light hearted, and a much better eater!


Anonymous said...

You're plenty good enough to write for them. You ought to start a campaign of sorts.

Anna said...

That's very nice to hear! Thank you. I was thinking of invading the offices of the Globe with a basket of muffins every morning. Don't know if that will do the trick.

JC said...

Love the reviews, I think they should definitely hire you! Muffins can't hurt.