Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Little Fish, Big Fish

You are never going to believe who I met tonight. You will be jealous forever. Ok, maybe not forever but for a totally long time. I can't go into real detail at the moment because I am about two weeks behind schedule with this whole sleeping business, but soon!

I will say that it's not just bands I deify.

P.S. Just for the record, that word is "few," not "Jew". It threw me for a second.


JC said...

Is this the Chocolate & Zucchini blogger and author? I only know because I Googled Clotilde, I'm a total food ignoramus. That's really cool!

Anna said...

It is the Chocolate&Zucchini girl! Good sleuthing :) I don't think that not knowing food blogosphere celebrities makes you a food ingnoramus. It makes you just slightly less dorky than me. I just used the word "blogosphere." See? Dork.