Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Seattle Wrap Up

As much as I loved Seattle and eating in Seattle and drinking in Seattle, it's time to move on, blog-wise. Before I leave the subject entirely (for this year, anyway) I am posting some promised pretty pictures of sushi. Some pictures are less than pretty because the drinks were more than good.

Assorted sushi platter at Wasabi Bistro. Take note of the salmon at 1 o'clock. The stuff at the back is conventional, farm raised salmon. The darker orange pieces toward the front are wild caught salmon (sockeye, I think. Not sure). The appearance and taste of the two types of salmon were strikingly different. The wild caught salmon had a much greater depth of flavor with hints of something I can only describe as floral. So good.

Abalone at I Love Sushi. This was my first experience with abalone - I have been wanting to try it forever. It was completely not what I expected, but not in a bad way. It tasted like the ocean – like salt and seaweed. The texture was what threw me – it was crunchy. Weird, right? The only thing I can compare eating abalone to is crunching through cartilage. As someone who has just gotten their cartilage pierced, that description makes me gag a little, but it’s accurate. I would like to try abalone again, just to make sure that it is indeed weird.

Wasabi Bistro
2311 Second Ave
Seattle WA 98121

I Love Sushi: Would give the address here but I forget which of the 3 locations we ate at. I know that there was a lake involved. Unfortunately, that narrows absolutely nothing down when in Seattle. Uma?

Next week's posts will be wildly different from those of Seattle. I am off to Texas! San Antonio and Austin, to be precise. I am slighly intimidated by the red meat extravaganza that is sure to be the next four days but I know that it will be super good. I don't have a whole lot more planned than eating and that's the way it should be. Alamo what?

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Uma said...

We went to I Love Sushi on Lake Union. :)