Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Many Margaritas

I didn’t forget the Texas margarita. Here it is, as promised, in all its tequila-laden glory. You are looking at the margarita at La Fogata in San Antonio, of the fantastic salsa fame. It’s giant, it’s garnished with an orchid flower, and it goes down far too easily. The key to that is top shelf liquor. A lot of top shelf liquor. Let’s just say that around the time of my second margarita, I thought it a good idea to see what the orchid flower tastes like (it tastes exactly as it looks, by the way – flowery, crunchy grass).

The La Fogata margarita breakdown goes a little something like this. If you have one, you are having a good time. If you have two, you’re pretty cool (c’est moi). If you have three, you’re a champion. If you have four... you’re stupid. As in, rendered permanently so by the alcohol overdose.

Two posts in one day. Wow. That’s a first for me. Note to self: look into getting a life.

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lara griffiths said...

next time we go for three, there is more to san antonio than live bull riding & the bonham exchange and i trust we can seek them out!