Monday, January 12, 2009


Ugh, sweet lord, I have missed blogging. I really have. The last few months kicked my butt kind of completely. I applied for jobs which I did not get, ended my internship working on things in which I had no background nor education (and succeeding, shockingly, despite my own predictions of complete and profound failure), and avoided pondering my impending unemployment by running away to Rome, then Austin, then Philadelphia. Now I am back, unemployed (did I mention that I have no job?), with all the time in the world to blog and a back log of about a million pictures and stories that I had neither the time nor the physical and emotional energy to record before now. So here I go.

In the middle of all the work, and the job search, and the impending darkness of the 9-month long Boston winter, my little social circle suffered a terrible loss – one of my closest friends and inspiration for numerous blog posts on this very blog – left me, cold-heartedly, for three years in Paris. I am happy for her and all her baguettes and crepes, obviously I am happy for her. Meh. I am just sad for me.

Before she left me for Parisian cheese and wine (and can you blame her, really) we had one last hurrah at my place, a going away party with lots of friends, lots of booze, and of course, lots of food, close to Halloween. A momentous departure demanded a momentous dish. The Texan and I pulled off one of the more spectacular things that has ever come out of my oven – a whole pumpkin (picked with my own two hand at the same farm as the apples), hollowed out and stuffed with alternating layers of baguette, Gruyere, heavy cream and a tint of nutmeg, baked until the cheese and cream liquefied into a fondue, the pumpkin softened to a puree, the skin blackened and blistered.

The glorious party centerpiece, complete with rivulets of hot cream running out of the cheese fondue inside

The melted cheese and cream soaked bread, piled onto a plate next to a scoop of baked pumpkin flesh made for a picture perfect (and dramatic) way to bid good-bye (a temporary good-bye) to someone you love.

All hollowed out.

The recipe here.

Happy Birthday, Melissa! I miss you very much and am jealous, daily, of the newly Parisian you. And happy for you, of course.


The Texan said...

Happy birthday!!

and that pumpkin was so yummy!

lissa said...

way to make someone feel homesick! i still dream (and excessively brag) about the cheese-o-lantern. unfortunately, with no oven in my teeny Paris apartment, i cannot even attempt to recreate it's greatness. i wish both you and the Texan could be here to celebrate with me today. although i'm in Paris (a fact that surprises me every day), it isn't quite home without your closest friends. i miss you both - and am so happy to see you back blogging, so i can keep up with you - now, just to get my own up and running... thanks for the birthday wishes - i cannot have wished for a better sentiment.

Neha said...

YAY! I've been looking forward to a new post and here it is, complete with cheesy goodness. What a gorgeous centrepiece that must have made! I can't wait to read about all the rest of your latest culinary adventures. Welcome back. :)

mehdi said...

Hi Anna,

Nice to hear back from you. You know how long it is I've been visiting either of your blogs and seeing no update?!

Hope 2009 is a great joyful year, with or without a job!


PS: I finally got my own kitchen!

zavorka said...

Hi, Anna,
I found the following openings on

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Research Assistant II (January 10th,2009). Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

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Anna said...

Hi Palmiro! Thanks so much for the job postings. I really appreciate you thinking of me. At this point in my career, however, I think a tech position might be counter-productive. A lab tech with a PhD may send the wrong message to employers. I am going to suck it up and do a post-doc for now, and hope for something more exciting to come along!
Thanks again for the postings though. I will check out the site you used to find them.

lara griffiths said...

glad to have my favorite food blogger back.

you were missed.

come back to texas when you can!