Friday, September 05, 2008

Losing the Will to Live

What is the worst thing that could ever happen to a blogger, ever ever ever? How about a blogger who works in web publishing and uses her laptop more than she uses olive oil (and that's saying something)?

The worst thing ever? It's not internet outage. It's not breaking a hand. It's not even losing a hand. The worst thing is spilling water on one's most beloved of possessions - the laptop. I kind of want to lie down and die and I so wish I were exaggerating.

I spilled about 150mL of water on the keyboard. I turned the laptop upside down and removed the battery straight away. It dried overnight with a fan on it (as you can see in the picture taken with my phone since I NO LONGER HAVE A LAPTOP to load pictures onto), but still didn't start this morning.

On the laptop was a half written post about my trip to London (for work - just got back on Monday) as well as all the associated pictures and gobs and gobs of data, files, pictures, and well, my life. Please everyone cross your fingers for me. Cross everything you have. This is me not freaking out, by the way. It could get much worse.

I will try turning it on again on Monday.
Till then,
Breathlessly yours,
Trying not to freak the f out.


JC said...

OH NO!! Water on the laptop is a total buzzkill. I will cross all my appendages that it powers right up on Monday. Courage.

Anna said...

So the laptop works! Just not with the battery. I am so happy. I haven't lost any data, I have just lost some mobility. Will be making the trek to the Apple store on Mon to see if they can fix my poor baby up. Sigh. Thanks for the crossed appendages. I am pretty certain they did the trick :)

mehdi said...


JC said...

That's great news! I'm glad I was able to help. :) I'll uncross everything for now. Ow.

leena! said...

I'm to glad to hear things are up and running again. My laptop is like my right arm--I think I'd die without it. Reward your courage with some Haagen Daas, lady! Chocolate Peanut Butter! Stat!

Mai said...

omg. that's horrible.

wait... i just read your reply. that's awesome that it still works.

ps. i miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!

rpg said...

Oh the rollercoaster of despair and joy!

Glad your lappie is more or less ok. Could have been much worse...

(lovely meeting you last week, by the way)

Anna said...

Thank you guys again for the positive thoughts. Much like patients in comas can sense the presence of their loved ones, my laptop knew it was in your thoughts. Pardon the offensive analogy, but you know what I mean.

Leena - Haagen Dasz. Truckload. Check.

Maiya - Argh, I totally miss you too! And am jealous of you all at the same time! What a conundrum.

Richard - Thanks so much! I just burned the videos of the conference to a DVD before dumping the water on my laptop. Conference materials survived in tact! Great pleasure meeting you as well. Wish I had more time (and more presence of mind) during the conference to chat. Maybe next time! Yes. Next time.

rpg said...

Definitely next time.

And do you know when the videos are going to be publicly available?