Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Can't Wait to Be Done

The list of things I want to do once I am done with this defense business is growing longer. I can't wait.

An update


leena! said...

Hang in there, lady. I find anything salted caramel and chocolate related helps. And you know...screaming.

Lissa said...

What are you going to change your profile to, in a matter of weeks? No more perpetuity for you! Will you even ever mention grad school again, I wonder? Maybe as a punch line for a very bad joke...

Travis T said...

I hope you will allow me to buy you a celebratory Peruvian chicken dinner once all this dissertation nonsense is behind you.

I had some wonderful Azeri food last week including shashlik and plov, but, alas, I didn't have my camera with me to document the cullinary delights.

JC said...

You're getting closer to being done every day! What a load off that will be.

By the way, your tickets have been printed, so I should be getting them this week!

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Nitasha said...

Oh wait - why didn't the link work for me!?

Good luck next week, Anna and hope to see you soon after!

Anna said...

Leena - Salted caramel.... oooooh. That sounds so good. Screaming is rather therapeutic. It's more like complete emotional break downs for me. I think I have had three now, all over my poor friends. Nothing like wiping your snot with a sleeve (your own) in front of an old friend.

Lissa - So crazy that you brought the profile up! I have no idea what I will change it to. Recovering microbiologist trying to eat the world, perhaps? :)

Travis! Can we have the yucca fries too?? Please? Did you have plov off the street? Were you brave? Why oh why didn't you have your camera?? Have I taught you nothing?

JC - Thank you! I lack the words to describe the relief I will feel on May 6. So excited about the Radiohead show! Yay! Really looking forward to it.

Nitasha - Thanks for the heads up! I fixed the link. Thank you for the good luck wishes. Can't wait to be done.