Monday, January 14, 2008

Do a Good Deed

I have a special pot of pity reserved for all grad students world wide. Grad school is hard, it takes forever, and requires more patience than you ever thought could fit into your body. For this reason (and because she is seriously awesome – a Master's degree in Gastronomy? The very definition of awesome), I am posting a link to a survey that Leena, at Leena Eats, has to administer for her dissertation on food blogs (awesome again). Her dissertation, folks. This is serious.

Help a fellow student out. If you are a US resident (sorry to exclude) spend 10 minutes of your time sometime between January 14 - 28th clicking away on a survey about food blogs.
It’s a mitzvah.

Take the poll HERE.


leena! said...

You rock, Anna. I appreciate the support!

JC said...

I'll definitely check it out!

Hey, I was watching the Anthony Bourdain DVDs that I got from Netflix and Michael Ruhlman was in one of the episodes. I thought: "Hey, Anna met that guy!"

Anna said...

Leena - Any time. We grad students best stick together. Strength in numbers! That goes for you too, JC.

JC - Cool. I did meet that guy! That was fun! I am actually going back to Durham this weekend for a science blogging conference (I am a dooooork) and will finally get to try real NC BBQ. I am totally psyched.
Need to get the Bourdain DVDs. I am working my way through Julia Child's French Chef at the moment but they are starting to get a little old. I need more curse words bleeped out. Are you watching the Travel Channel show?

One Food Guy said...

I'm happy to help out. It's all part of being part of the community! Cheers!

JC said...

Grad student power!

Yeah, the DVDs I watched are the show that Bourdain has on the Travel Channel - No Reservations. I don't have the Travel Channel so I can't watch the new ones. Great stuff. When he eats the bull penis soup in Malaysia I totally thought of you! Nothing dirty, but just because I know you enjoy eating strange things. I can also totally see you trying the frittola in Sicily. That market he goes to in Paris - Wow!

I'm jealous about the North Carolina BBQ. Did you know there is a difference between eastern and western NC BBQ? Next time you come to Texas I'll take you to Lockhart (do not follow link if hungry!). Dallas is a surprisingly crappy BBQ town.

michelle said...

Totally, Grad Student Power! Always happy to help out a fellow underling! Grad school IS hard, but there IS a light at the end of the tunnel, I promise (they let me out of the darkness and I can actually SEE that light now!!)

Anna said...

One Food Guy - Thank you! It's the food blogging folks that make writing about food fun.

JC - "When he eats the bull penis soup in Malaysia I totally thought of you!" Umm, thanks? I guess I have been associated with worse :) What's frittola? I want to go! I want to go!

I do know that there is a difference between the two barbeque styles (tomato base vs vinegar base or something? I always confuse the two). I need to go to TX again soon. I want more Texas food!

Michele - Thank you for the encouragement. Seems like I am constantly in need of it. I should be done by the summer. Let me rephrase. I better be done by the summer or I am going to go stark raving mad(der). Congratulations for finishing! Was it the most cathartic thing ever?

JC said...

Well, I mean c'mon, you just ate blood tofu and pork intestine! What's a little bull penis soup? Would you try the bull penis soup? I'm not sure I'm that adventurous.

Frittola was this stuff that was basically made from all the leftover scraps of meat, fat, and gristle. I guess the stuff that most people would cut off of a piece of meat. It was from all different types of meat too, beef, pork, chicken, etc. They put it all together, add some spices, and boil the hell out of it. It is then placed in a basket with a cloth placed over it to keep it warm. So you go up to the guy dishing it out, he sticks his bare hand into the basket, grabs a clump of the frittola, places it on a piece of paper, and hands it to you. They told Tony that you have to eat it right away while it's still warm, or else it tastes really horrible. He claimed it was good! There were a bunch of frittola junkies hanging around the vendor too, it was kind of funny. Check out this page, it's translated from Italian. Pretty funny stuff.

Both kinds of NC barbecue are vinegar-based, the western style adds a little bit of tomato to the sauce to give it a red color. The western style also uses only the pork shoulder instead of the whole hog. They're both good.

Come on down, your chicken-fried steak awaits!

(Sorry for all these novel-length comments tonight, I don't know what's gotten into me)

JC said...

I just thought of something that I found interesting whilst watching Bourdain. I was really surprised to see that someone who seems as into food and tasting things as he is is such a heavy smoker. Seems like that would make it very hard to be a good judge of flavors.