Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I Love My Friends

Long blogging absence, even longer graduate school career that Just. Won't. Die. In other words, I have yet another committee meeting tomorrow which has slowed my blogging activities to a crawl. BUT seeing as how I am here to entertain, and since I am a comment whore, I thought I would pass on this excerpt from an email from a dear friend. I think you will quickly see why he and I get along.

In response to my previous post about Christopher Kimball's low opinion of Rachael Ray:

"I haven't really watched Rachel Ray. I think I saw a portion of one show. She has this nice round bottom, but not much going on in the chest area. The two halves don't match. That has nothing to do with her cooking ability... just an observation. I think I have seen her more on Dunkin Donuts commercials lately...which I found odd because I thought she supported some healthy eating initiative."


JC said...

C'mon Anna, I thought we agreed to keep our private conversations private. Gah!

OK, actually the writer makes a good point - balance is nice. But all things considered, if one is out of balance the round bottom is preferable to the top-heavy look, IMHO.

Have fun at your meeting!

Hillary said...


aimee said...

I don't know, I think cooking ability could be affected by chestage. Breasts get in the way of things! Particularly concentration.

Incidentally, I'm quite happy to take top heavy, bottom heavy or equally balanced. Each has its benefits. Basically I'm not fussy. Ok, basically I'm desperate. Whatever.

JC said...

So Aimee, you're saying that this poor woman might have trouble with kitchen utensils? Huh. Anna, I sense an opportunity here. In addition to your food writing career I think you should design a line of kitchen items that can be more easily utilized by the ample chested.

aimee said...

Well not necessarily that particular woman. But I'd guess that since she can't reach her arms out in front of herself anywhere between waist and neck height, whisking for example, would prove quite a chore.

Anna said...

Whew. Committee meeting over. So sorry to have neglected the comments.
JC - I totally agree. I choose butts over tops any day :)

JC said...

OMG, so hot that you love teh butt.