Thursday, April 12, 2007

Scarred Cooks Club

I have finally joined the ranks of true cooks. I cut myself. Badly.

I didn't exactly cut myself. It would be more accurate to say that I cut a piece of myself off. [All together now: Eeeeewwww!]. I was chopping garlic in the last stages of dinner preparation, using my most favorite of all exceedingly sharp knives when it happened. I was distracted, preoccupied, not thinking about what I was doing (all fitting synonyms for "asking for it"). Oooh I so vividly remember the sensation of the knife going through my fingertip. Lord almighty it felt alien and awful.

After I recovered from almost fainting, I saw that I had taken a little chunk or divot out of my left index finger. While nothing serious ( I don’t think), the bugger wouldn’t stop bleeding (I like to think of it as gushing) for hours. Hours! I briefly contemplated going to the hospital but couldn’t stomach the thought of pulling a nurse away from a gun shot or stroke victim to take a look at the booboo on my finger. That would just be embarrassing (this I know for a fact because I once had to go to Urgent Care to get a glass splinter removed from the index finger on my right hand. I am not so good with the index fingers, it would seem).

I took an ibuprofen (smart girl that I am... taking a blood thinner while desperately trying to stop bleeding), put the hand above my head, took pictures to distract myself, and proceeded to sulk and whine for a good long while.

Time has passed, my finger hurts less, but my divot is still impressive. I am done sulking. I have joined the scarred cooks club and am feeling slightly hardcore and just a little bit cooler for it. Cooks and chefs are covered in scars from cuts and burns. While I hope never to actually be covered in them, I am pretty excited to have my first war wound. I prefer to think of it as a war wound, as opposed to a memorial to my astounding clumsiness and stupidity. Incidentally, my plov turned out remarkably well. Could it have been the special seasoning I added? Eeeeewwww.

P.S. No one wanted to see my finger! I kept offering but people kept running away… why is that, I wonder? The head of my lab accused me of trying to make her vomit. Hee. If you don’t want to see it (wuss), don’t scroll down.

My divot is not very photogenic. It's much more imposing in person, I swear.


atp said...

Hmm...I saw the first photo and thought this was going to be a post about your new found love of origami. How wrong I was.

For what it's worth, I think scars (in moderation) are pretty cool . I like the stories that they tell about the person that 'wears' them, I'm weird like that.

Hope it's healing up okay, the index fingers are precious.

JC said...

Um, congratulations? I did want to see it so I looked at the pictures. Didn't look as bad as I thought it would, but most of the time wounds never do when photographed. I pinched my thumb really badly last summer in one of those overhead storage flipper doors. I thought I would take a picture to post on the blog. The picture made it look like I had a slight red discoloration on my thumb instead of a bruised and bloody cut with skin hanging off of it. Hope your finger starts feeling better soon! Be careful with the knives!

Alicia said...

You should have tried to get a much nastier photo while your finger was actually gushing blood! The ones you put up are barely gory at all. Once I managed to cut my fingernail off, but that is the closest I have come. Based on the pictures, I think you will heal up just fine and the scar will not even be that noticeable.

Anna said...

AtP - I love scars. I really do. Tattoos and scars. It's not weird... Maybe just a little weird.

JC _ It totally looks tamer than it is! Thank you! I am not a weakling, I swear.

Alicia (Lissa. Still can't do Alicia) - I just knew you were going to say that. Not giving my divot the credit it is due! No fair. I am pretty excited not to have sliced through my nail. I would have full-on passed out

atp said...

I was going to say I love them, but thought that was a bit over enthusiastic. It's true though, I really do. An ex of mine had this amazing scar from having her appendix removed, it made me go weak at the knees. Hmm.

Ben Chen said...

nice. The knife will taste blood. At least you know your knife is sharp ;-)

uma said...

oh my goodness!

that's all i have to say.